Causes of Performance Issues On Wireless Routers And Possible Solutions

When you are having performance issues with your wireless router, you need to make sure that you are trying to solve the problems for yourself. You can make changes that are going to allow you to keep the router going so that you are not going to have to buy a new one. You want to save yourself money and time by simply following the steps below to the letter.


You should reset your router when you are experiencing issues. These issues are going to stop you from doing anything, but resetting the router is going to allow you to get the router going again. You should unplug the cable from the wall, and you need to unplug the power from the router. Turn the router off and wait for thirty seconds. When you have waited thirty seconds, you will be able to plug everything back in. This will refresh the connection, and your computer will refresh the connection, as well.

Check The Settings

You need to put into your address bar in your browser. This is going to send you to the settings that you can use for the wireless router. The router is going to have all its settings right there for you. You can set the password for the router signal, and you will be able to change the signal speed. You can also change the protection protocols, and you will be able to change the name of the router.

Elevate The Router

You need to make sure that your router is standing as high as possible. You want to make sure that the router has an easy time broadcasting, and you want to make sure that you are keeping it on a table or on top of a chest. This is going to make your life much easier when you need to get the right elevation.

You will be able to make sure that your router is going to broadcast as fast as you need if you are suing the protocols listed above. These rules are going to help you manage your router with relative ease.